Ben Nortier

Cape Town, South Africa


Mission-focused software engineer who is a fast learner, a team player, and gets things done.

I’ve worked in many programming languages (Javscript, Typescript, Python, Swift, Objective-C, C, C++, Java, Ruby, Erlang, Lisp), databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, CouchDB, Riak, MongoDB), operating systems (MacOS, Windows, Linux), web and desktop environments.

I value high quality software with comprehensive automated testing where practical.

Work Experience

Averly, Cape Town. Dec 20 - June 21

System audit (Security, Database design, platform implementation). Integration of Machine Learning models into system. Deployment of ML models into production. Introduction of continuous integration and testing. Introduction of 12 factor methodology. Python, Flask, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL.

Aquacheck, Cape Town. 2016 - 2021

Full stack design and implementation of system to manage and capture sensor data from 10k moisture probes globally. Reverse engineering and replacement of TCP vendor system. New HTTP system for new in-house hardware. Web UI for device management and telemetry capture. Created comprehensive test suite on unit, api and functional levels. Highly available multi-node deployment on AWS. Javascript, React, NodeJS, PostgreSQL. Created Open Source UI component library, Minimui.

Usonia Labs, London. 2014-2020

Created a suite of WebGL 2D and 3D thermal simulation applications. Developed a simplified 3D CAD system for parametric model creation. Transformation of models to Energy+ simulation specification. Created Javascript DXF parsing & SVG rendering library. Javascript, NodeJS, React, WebGL, Three.js.

Ubimake GmbH, Berlin. 2013-2016

Interim CTO of startup funded by Siemens. Developed web-based 3D CAD tools for 3D printing. Integration of existing tools and libraries into user-friendly 3D CAD environment. JS, NodeJS, Angular.




Hobbies & Interests