Building an autonomous mining robot in Isaac Sim - Intro

18 Aug 2022


Welcome to my attempt at building an autonomous mining robot in Isaac SIM.

I’m actually not sure how far this weill go but we’ll see. What I want to do it create a digital twin of a mining environment and understand how difficult it would be to build an robot that can navigate that environment, both from the perspective of:

  1. The AI algorithms.
  2. Isaac SIM itself.

Loosely I think the steps are going to be:

  1. Create a 3D terrain for navigation and exploration in Isaac SIM. Explore how this could be achieved for a real-world environment.
  2. Create a believable mining robot that can drive in the environment with simple motor actuation.
  3. Implement some kind of navigation algorithm using SLAM etc.
  4. Explore the camera and lidar sensors in a synthetic environment.

I will publish all the code, resources, etc.

Next up: Part 1